Conduit Financial Communications: About Us

Conduit Financial Communications is a relationship-based financial communications company. Over the years Conduit has participated in numerous projects in Energy, Mining, Real Estate and Emerging Opportunities, both public and private sectors.  We believe that business is built on relationships, and the relationships developed by Conduit Financial Communications provide key opportunities in several of these areas.

At Conduit Financial Communications we are dedicated to the dissemination of information from the key relationship that the company maintains with professionals from various fields. Conduit Financial Communications performs extensive due diligence, and is discerningly biased with regards to the companies that we chose to transact business with.  On the site, we have focused on four areas of the marketplace where our relationships create a significant opportunity and benefit to you.  We encourage healthy discussion on all of our focus areas, as the company features multiple opportunities we believe command your attention.

The company is well-positioned to take advantage of a capital deprived market. Because of the current banking and financial meltdown, many companies are asset and product rich yet have no means of capitalization. Conduit’s goal is to expose these companies, and the significant opportunities we believe they present

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Why smart investors are diversified in “Precious Metals”

Many people are asking questions today about where the best place to invest their money is.  And it’s a good question to ask; I wonder what the money managers and financial planners answer to that question would have been in mid-2007?  Actually I think we know what they’re answers were at that time – invest in the market, mutual funds and real estate.  If hind sight is 20/20 what would we give to have the foresight to have avoided the market crash?  Is it even possible?  Here at Conduit Financial Communications, we’re not an investment firm, C.P.A. office or financial planners.  But what we are here to do, is to communicate with you about trends in the market and share with you about companies that we believe can help you avoid the ups and downs of typical investments.

So with all that being said, the question is “Why smart investors are diversified in precious metals?”  I’m sure that you’ve heard the latest about Gold – how could you have avoided the newspapers, radio, and television and internet information?   In mid-September 2010, Gold hit a record high of $1,296.20 per ounce!  In contrast, our American dollar was dropping in value as compared to most major world currencies.  And Gold isn’t the only commodity that is trading like this, so that’s why we have dedicated an entire portion of this website to Mining.  Check out the information on those pages, so you can learn about the top commodities today and how this type of diversification in your portfolio can become a reality.  And if you would like to be updated via email, just sign up in the bottom left corner for our email newsletters.  These will come out on a monthly basis and on specific items when we feel like there is something so important that we need to get the information out to you right away.  We hope you can learn from this information, and be all the better for it. So click here, on Mining and start learning today!